Eligibility criteria

Applicants should satisfy the following conditions in order to be eligible for a CLS fellowship grant:

a)     Applicants must work in an EU member state or in a Horizon 2020 associated country[1]; applicants working in non-associated third countries are also invited to apply, however, according to the Horizon 2020 rules of participation for trans-national access activities, may ONLY have access for up to 20 % of the total number of units of access[2] provided. In certain circumstances, the host institutions might be unable to provide the necessary documents for applying for a student visa, where required. In this case we strongly recommend to contact the host institutions well in advance before submitting your application. Following the European Commission's decision to suspend the cooperation with Russian entities in research, science and innovation[3], applicants working in Russian organisations are not eligible until further notice.

b)    Applicants must work or study in a country other than the country where the institution is located (e.g. researcher working in Spain cannot select Madrid as a potential destination);

c)     The subject of the research proposal is related to the field of literary studies and/or computational literary studies;

d)    Only applicants that are allowed to disseminate the results they have generated under the action may benefit from the access, unless the users are working for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)[4].

e)    Even though priority will be given to new applicants, researchers that previously received a fellowship grant can submit a new application if the applicant’s research project could benefit from another visit. However, the overall time spent in one or more research institution should not be more than 3 months during the course of the project. Furthermore, a second application can be submitted only after previous visit effectively took place.

f)      Teams of researchers (users) led by a ‘user group leader’ (as identified in the art. 16 of the Horizon 2020 annotated Grant Agreement[5]) can also apply. Due to possible difficulties in hosting and supporting more than one researcher per call, it is suggested to contact the hosting institution prior to the submission.

In case there is any doubt as whether an application is eligible or not, or whether exceptional circumstances that are not covered by this document exist, please contact the helpdesk before submitting the application.

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