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A complete application is composed of the following parts:

  • A completed application form (which can be downloaded here). The application form can be filled in directly in the PDF. However, if you face any problems with this procedure, please contact Marco Raciti at
  • A max. 2 pages CV
  • A detailed description of the research project related to Computational Literary Studies, as well as an explanation of why a visit to the chosen infrastructure(s) is particularly relevant for the project.  Please note that no template is provided. Proposals shall have a maximum length of 1,200 words upon submission (the word count limit includes title, main text, tables, figures, and bibliography).

* You can upload a recommendation letter if you wish, however this is optional.


To submit your application, please follow these steps.

Create an account on the CCSD platorm:
  • Select "create account" in the menu on the right handside of the screen next to login and fill in the form. 
  • If you already have a CCSD account, use your credentials to login.

Submit your application:

Once you are logged in the Submission page, click on submit a project. Four steps are then required.

1) Metadata: you will be asked to choose a title. Please use the same title as in the Application Form.

2) Author: to add an author, first click on "Add an author" and fill in the form, secondly click on "Add an affiliation" and enter the details of the author's institution(s).

3) Files: in the first part you will be able to upload your Application Form completed by selecting "Parcourir" (=Browse) and then "Upload".

In the "supplementary data" part, you will be able to upload your CV, the detailed description of your research project and the recommendation letter where available.  

4) Overview: You can have a last look at your application before clicking on "Submit / Save".

The platform will be no longer able to receive applications after 04.12.23 11:59 pm CET. Applications sent after this date will not be accepted unless a technical issue with the platform prevented the applicant to submit the application can be demonstrated.

We strongly recommend to contact the host institutions before submitting your application.

Should you have further questions on the application procedure or you are experiencing technical issues with the platform, please contact Marco Raciti at

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